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About Us

Barekal (ಬರೇಕಲ್) Farm Stay and Nature Cure Center has surely taken its birth being the brainchild of dedicated hearts and minds of people who have been the natural hosts being well experienced, well versed and well appointed about preserving the nature, culture and tradition.

Barekal in Kannada would mean to be called as Only Stone or even as Bare Stone. There is a hill by name Barekal in the Sahyadri Range which is visible from the Farm Stay. On one side of the Hill is the forest and on the other side, there is the bare part of the Hill where only stone is visible and that is how it got to be named as Barekal Hill. Therefore very appropriately this homestay facility has been named as Barekal Farm Stay and Nature Cure Center which is a beautiful place not just to stay but also get a goodtreatment for Mind, Body and the Soul.

Barekal is synonym to dedication, service and commitment to serve giving the best to feel, understand and experience how important and joyous it is when one is made to live in accordance with the Law of Nature.

Our Marketing research has driven us to be confident considering the location we are in. The best of the expert advisors being on our side has been a great motivating factor making us to look for building a strong customer base. We are here to give our best to our customers to visit us back and stay with us not just from nearby cities but also from other parts of Karnataka State, India as well as Overseas.

Anyone who would be on a visit to Barekal Farm Stay and Nature Cure Center would be exposed to a very special feel where it is a farmer opening his/her farm to tourists and patients alike. One can be sure that it would be a responsible travel to explore how nature and its environment are conserved allowing an experience to discover nature at its best.