Homestay Shimoga


It was a very wonderful trip for me to make to Barekal Farm Stay and Nature Cure Center. I reached Haniya, Hosanagara Taluk, Shimoga District from where I was picked and taken further on a good road. It was an experience of great joy for me to drive through with the very kind hosts Mr. Raman Udupa and Mr. Vikram Udupa with greenery all around to see and to enter a small stretch of country side road giving me the indication of a big store of adventure embedded in there to experience.

It was all so perfect to see and record all the good directions that I had received from Dr. Sharmila before I left on my special trip to Barekal Farm Stay. I had the most memorable stay with the hosts taking very good care of me. The rooms are well maintained and luxurious. I was treated to the malenad recipes all made out of the farm produce of the lands that belong to the hosts. I could visit few places of importance in the close vicinity of the Homestay in spite of paucity of time.

It is a place that has all the richness of culture, heritage, history, humanity all so much surrounded and is worth visiting often and to give the mind, body and the soul a great relaxation.

I would strongly recommend this place for stay for all those who want to have a new experience of joy in life and to also get treated to feel being at home even while being away from home. The infrastructure developed for providing wellness at the Nature Cure Center is worthy too.

It is an experience of purpose to rejoice again and again and I am drawn to explore all the surprises so much in store there to see making Barekal Farm Stay and Nature Cure Center my base to stay and move around.

Sarvesh N., Bengalooru