Shimoga Tourism

We the People

It is a very interesting and progressive thought indeed of the people involved in starting Barekal Farm Stay as they are the people who have stood for something very special to provide. That special happening is also to be identified in this modern day as a reversal movement to happen to motivate of shifting from a City Life to a Rural Life/Village Life. The people who have started this facility are the standing examples by their contribution for the development of the villages, preservation of Culture & Heritage and conservation of Nature.

The mainstay activity in the entire location has been Agriculture. Agricultural activity is mainly into Arecanut and Paddy cultivation.

Mr. Raman Udupa, while in city got exposed to acquaint himself with medical knowledge doing a course in modern medicine. But soon he realised that his heart and mind are drawing him to move back to village as he was better connected and deep rooted to take to Agriculture as a profession than to be in the city pursuing health care. That made him stay on in his village. Yet, in the absence of medical facility, the medical knowledge he had gained helped him to be there for villagers to rely on for all the medical emergencies. He has not just served his village but has reached even the villages across the hills and all around at odd hours. Raman Udupa is a very passionate agriculturist and a Naturalist. His wide experience has helped him develop strong rural development skills with the right knowledge he has on Agriculture. His innate interest in Health care drew him to also go for Medicinal Plants farming.

He will be involved in day-to-day running of the business, and act as a key contact for customers and the serving staff.

Mr. Vikram R. Udupa is another standing example to make everyone believe in the strengths and the good life available out there that exists in the village. It is true that he was disappointed with the life out there in the city which he found was very mechanical and draining. Result is that he gave up his plum post in Air India to move back to his village. It has been a life-changing decision and he chose what is right and comfortable for him to live on with. It has been like the father, the son combo at work at Barekal. The affinity for village life and his desire to make a difference has driven him to stand as a good support to his father. The Marketing and Hospitality skills that Vikram R. Udupa gathered while working with Air India is helping him to develop marketing strategy for Barekal Farm Stay. He knows it all well how to be a good marketing person and effectively handle this hospitality industry.

He is involved in management of day to day activities and business development.

Dr. Sharmila Shankar, B.A.M.S, Clinical Nutritionist (USA) has extensive experience in the field of Indian System of Medicine, Ayurveda having also gained the International exposure working with International Patients in California, USA practising Ayurveda for 13 years. While in USA, she also obtained an additional Degree in Clinical Nutrition from Natural Healing Institute, Encinitas, California. Dr. Sharmila is currently also involved in running Ayushya Ayurcare Panchakarma Center in Malleshwaram, Bangalore. Currently while her action is in the city, her heart and mind are at work supporting in building the very best Nature cure facilities at Barekal Farm Stay & Nature Cure Center.

Her good knowledge of the Ayurvedic treatments and her experience in having conducted several workshops on Ayurveda in India and abroad makes her to be the right person in-charge of the Nature Cure Center at Barekal.